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Astro financing can only be used within Germany. To take advantage of Astro financing, you must apply for funding from Bankate Bank. Discount for students in Astro shop: In other countries, especially in England and America, the joy of life is certainly ignored that the entire Marx teaching is primarily development-oriented and Marx himself has experienced a development over the years. Graduate media designer for digital and print media with a focus on media design.

The delivery will take place as soon as we have received clearance for payment in installments and all items are in stock. To pick up the goods, only the borrower is authorized. If you pay by credit card part payment, it is not possible to change the delivery address after receipt of the delivery.

It is not possible to settle a balance with a bank transfer via the Internet.

School variants – savings in schools and training

School variants - savings in schools and training

Because education is an important factor in school and student education, we work with producers, students, students and teachers to simplify work and reduce the associated expenses. In addition to office and finance programs, the buyers also have selected programs from the graphic and multimedia sector to choose from, so that the design aspect is taken into account as well.

Order on partial payment at Astro – Is the installment at Astro?!

Order on partial payment at Astro - Is the installment at Astro?!

No big secret that today many consumers have rather financed their goods than to pay them at once. Some customers may simply welcome the convenience of such a hire purchase. Astro’s online store also hire purchase. Alternative has a wide range of products for its clientele.

The following article describes how to start the hire purchase in this store and what the buyer has to consider. In the fewest cases, an online shop processes the purchases themselves. As a rule, there is always a house bank in the foreground, which acts as a partner.

At Astro it is the Bankate Bank. It grants the loan over which a buy-out is made. In principle, almost all goods can be financed from the online shop. Excluded from the hire purchase are goods whose delivery status is unknown or which must be ordered in advance.

Similar to a normal loan – unless it is a so-called zero-percent financing – this also results in an effective interest rate per year. This equates to 9.9 percentage points for the lease purchase at Astro. Attention: The purchase through financing is only possible for private individuals. In the Astro online shop, the buyer selects the desired item (s), places it in the shopping basket and completes the order.

If he decides to buy in installments, he will be redirected to the secure, encrypted websites of the Bankate. This is followed by a binding offer with a duration of six to 72 months. As soon as the order has been completed, the client must print, complete and send some documents to the Foundation.

It should be noted that, for example, the identification of the client must follow the Postident procedure. The client will be informed by Santander about the exact documents that can be requested. Important note: If Astro is not notified by Banque d ‘Alert within five days, the order will be canceled immediately.

The dealer assumes that then no more financing is desired. Are all documents available and the house bank has given her “Okay”, then the goods are on the way. For some years, the postident process has been a popular means of determining borrower identity. Of course, especially with such sensitive information, the banks themselves want to assure themselves and then try out the post -ident procedure.

He must go to the post office with a valid ID card – identity card or passport – and have his personal details certified. This must then also be sent to the company. If you are looking for another possibility – eg because there is no office in the vicinity – you can also have yourself videoconferencing.

Of course, the financing has several advantages. Usually the acquirer pays more for the financing, because after all, a certain interest is included. However, a financial purchase also ensures that the consumer can actually pay the purchase price. Thus, high prices or the purchase of several products can be realized.

Of course, such specialist dealers are particularly in demand, offering their customers a purchase through financing. Is a hire purchase possible? Of course, a hire purchase can not only have advantages in the worst case scenario. The first obstacle, for example, is that the house bank gives the loan at all.

This is determined by the creditworthiness of the client. If the result is positive, there is nothing in the way of rent purchase. For example, if chargebacks are made multiple times, this may result in the installment purchase being canceled and the entire amount paid out in one blow. The financing is therefore not a free ticket, but requires a certain sense of responsibility of the client.

The hire purchase is then nothing in the way. If there is a credit bureau entry, Astro’s house bank will probably reject the installment purchase. Even if Astro grants the buyout, it is advisable to use such platforms such. B. Creditend free & without obligation to check the conditions of other credit institutions.

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