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Even for a loan without a credit check, you will need to complete some forms. For this purpose, the applicant must complete an application form in the desired amount, credit rating and duration on the website of the respective direct bank and send it to the bank. Immediate loans without salary and examination are demanded by the unemployed again and again. But also your other information for loan inquiries – eg about your job, your income, your financial burden, your housing status, etc. Credit without credit check and proof of income – is that possible?

Credit without credit check and proof of income – is this possible?

Credit without credit check and proof of income - is this possible?


Roof repairs, the beginning of school, the new home, or in the worst case the own misfortune and the sudden danger of unemployment have enabled many people to borrow something. Those who can not access stored reserves or, at best, a wealthy American great-uncle, will have to think about borrowing in such a case.

As a rule, however, a successful loan application can not be made without a credit check. Even when everyone is talking about it, the question arises as to what a credit check is, how it can be passed and what conditions are crucial in such an audit. And what is a credit check?

The Latin “Bonitas” stands for justice or excellence. In the financial sector, this usually refers to the creditworthiness of a physical or legal personality. In practice, this means the possibility of such a person (who, as has recently been shown in the case of Greece and the European Union, is also a Member State) to repay the liabilities incurred.

Ultimately, lenders are concerned with the likelihood that the borrower will be able to settle their liabilities under certain conditions (interest rate, repayment period, …). What are the aspects of such a test? In general, two factors are crucial for such an audit: the former primarily takes into account the background to potential borrowers, such as professional qualifications, reliability, and willingness to pay, while the economic credit quality feature takes into account parameters such as: B. past repayments or predictable future economic conditions of the debtor takes into account.

In other words, how did the borrower handle previous loans, did his mobile phone bills settle on time, or was there other areas of insolvency (eg mail-order invoices)? Ultimately, of course, the result of a credit check must be individual, depending on who the borrower is. Is it possible to take out a loan without a credit check?

Frequently, Austrian lending to Intrasavings is applied for. In view of these stringent test criteria, it is natural for many to ask whether they can be undermined. In fact, this is the case. As a matter of fact. Via the Internet, providers who provide credit check with economic information such as the protection society for general credit insurance (credit bureau) or the Austrian Credit Protection Association of 1870 (KSV).

It should not be overlooked that such courageous proposals are of course subject to closer scrutiny.

It should not be overlooked that such courageous proposals are of course subject to closer scrutiny.


It is also not right to assume that lenders who have waived a credit check at Intrasavings, the own creditworthiness of the applicant do not check on their own terms. After all, even donors who do not handle loan processing via Intrasavings are generally not mere patrons.

In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the loans granted under simplified terms are usually limited to a few thousand and interest rates of up to 15% are not uncommon. The simplified loan at the beginning can quickly become a new debt trap. And without them – much danger for the lender!

Yes, there is the possibility of a loan application that ignores a credit check using a credit bureaus or KSVs. However, special care must be taken with such institutes or private lenders, mainly from abroad. Anyone who thinks they can do without a credit check will be disappointed. After all, these lenders also want to repay their claims as quickly and profitably as possible (attention: Interest rates of up to 15 percent!).

The advantages and disadvantages of such a special loan should therefore be carefully considered!

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