What are the requirements for a loan?

Together with you, we check whether you meet the requirements for a student loan and forward the application to you. The requirements, receivables and amortization calculator, terms and forms are available directly from Intrasavings. And what is a student loan? What are the requirements for an application? Scholarships are awarded to talented or highly committed students.

Open-mindedness for your learning

Open-mindedness for your learning

You are studying at a public or state university in the Federal Republic of Germany. As a German citizen or permanently resident in the European Union for three years – with a residence permit. Together with you, we check whether you have the prerequisites for a student loan.

Student loan

Student loan

There is a lot of money for studying. Students not only want to finance semester fees, textbooks, copies and other study materials, they also need to pay rents for their homes or shared flats. In addition, there may be incurred insurance costs, food, clothing – and of course leisure activities. If you do not receive credit aid, these expenses can quickly become overwhelming.

But a student loan from a house bank or a financial institution can help. And what is a student loan? A student loan is a special loan granted by a house bank or similar institution to help students and make their lives easier. Variant I, in which the total amount is paid out at once and Variant II, in which a monthly portion is paid out until the maximum age is reached.

A loan of the type AA is always recommended, if unpredictable expenses are incurred, such as the purchase of a new device, because the older one has failed. In contrast, the Type C is suitable to cover the operating costs per year started and thus provide additional collateral. In general, a student loan always entails lower interest rates than normal loans.

In addition, the repayment or the down payment can usually be adjusted to the respective study situation during or after graduation. What are the requirements to apply? Applications to a credit institution must comply with a number of conditions, which may vary depending on the lender and type.

For example, there are student loans that specifically target master’s students and therefore have a shorter duration. However, most providers offer student loans for all students, regardless of their degree program or university. However, when applying for such a loan, one should not have negative credit bureau entries. Then the loan application can be rejected – or the loan can be approved only to a small extent.

The basic requirement for applying for a student loan is, in addition to the creditworthiness and enrollment at a university – ie the study itself – a link with a certain standard period of study or maximum duration. For most credit institutions, a period is specified in which payment is made or repayment is not yet made.

The students can consider this as an incentive for a quick graduation. After this time the repayment usually starts after a small transitional phase (eg 6 months for application / job search). Other conditions for lending: what should be considered when lending? Applications for student loans must be submitted to a credit institution.

Note, for example, the maximum payout amount, the duration of the sponsorship period, and the maximum creditor to which the money will be paid. For example, Intrasavings student loans are only awarded if the applicant is at most 36 years old and has not studied more than 12 study semesters.

The education loan of the Intrasavings is probably one of the city’s most popular student loans. The maximum amount of this loan is 7,200, which will be disbursed in 24 tranches. The repayment amount will be payable four years after the first payment in monthly installments of 120 each, which will be withheld on a quarterly basis. This loan will be paid at the same time as the BAföG payments.

The student loans of the savings banks are – depending on the savings bank – paid in a sum of up to 555 per month and in a total of up to 32,000 $. The repayment amount must be taken up to one to two years after the start of the study and can be up to 10 years, although this credit is sometimes only granted depending on the field of study.

As institutions that issue one-off payments, the Credither banks, the collective bargaining bank or even the German commercial banks apply. The first tranche is due for payment at the rate bank after almost 3 months. 3. Conclusion: Basically, there are two types of student loans – those that are paid out once, up to 50,000, – per month and that have to be repaid after completing the study period, but are repaid shortly after repayment.

To cover the monthly costs, therefore, a loan with a monthly payment amount corresponding to the loan is recommended. These have the privilege of regular earnings and are only paid after graduation. â $ œWhoever decides for the second type should think intensely about the height of the simple praise and set it as low as possible, perhaps just so high that the new one Laptop, which is needed for the study, is also affordable.

Those who overestimate the amount of payment soon fall into a debt trap – because the repayment must be made relatively quickly, while there is little or no revenue.

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